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Bad ebay seller alert



must be coz no bids  :o

Not a bad seller, Frank.  :-*
It's your audience that's the problem. They aren't appreciating the significance of the pieces and collecting such items yet. I do appreciate their significance, but I'm afraid they're not my sort of collecting thing.  :-[

How many views will my thread get though  :D although the more significant items that I did sell last week did OK. But I have updated the research on the Strathearn weights... which I also have to copy over to SG site too.

Perhaps Sue, you just collect the wrong things  :-*

53 views of this thread in less than a day... compares well to less than 10 views of some lots on eBay in a week.

Seems to me that there might even be a higher chance of selling by advertising here! Or perhaps by using scandal hinting titles for auctions ;-)


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