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Swedish Cased Glass Brandy/Balloon

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Hi all, I picked this up today. I have searched for the maker but keep seeing conflicting answers. The label is an import label as far as I can tell but I see similar styles under different makers. Could anyone pin this down for me. It is 17.5 cm in height. I cant really say if it is Red or Orange  :-\ :-\ as my eyes only work properly in good daylight of which we are sadly lacking >:( >:( but will say it is orangy red  or a reddish orange  ;D ;D If anyone needs the label pics or glass pics for reference section please feel free.   Pete

No pictures  ;)

I realised that after I went to bed.    Coming Soon !! live pictures !!  of a piece of glass.  ;D

Pictures  ;D

I am down to two makers. Right colour but still no definite answer. Holmegaard or Lindshammar. Cant find something that should be easy to ID ! I need a holiday  8) 8) Any help ?


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