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One of our members posted an item, of Czech/Bohemian origin which had two labels, one of which was a silver star, on circular label (was it Della?). I remember commenting on not having seen it before. If anyone should know which thread I would have been looking at, or indeed was the poster, please show me the link. I may have new info, but need to see that label again.

Hi Marcus,
That could well have been me.  :)
The link to the thread you mentioned is one of your own;,2807.0.html

The photos are still on yobunny.

Hope this is what you were looking for.

Thank you, some times the old grey matter is not what it was.
I now know the origin of the star label, but remain unsure of its significance.
The Czechoslovakian entry won an "Etoile d'Or" for the pavilion. I know that several glass prizes were also won for individual exhibits. I would like to be able to confirm whether this particular set was an exhibit, and thus a recipient of an "etoile d'argent", or that the label was used, irrespective of an award, just to show that Czechoslovakia had won a major prize.

Sadly my latest very over-priced purchase of the work of the Czechoslovakian National Bureau of Exhibitions,(should have been 10€ not 110€)(ouch) , I had hoped would reveal something. :cry:  :cry:

ho hum.............

thanks again, Della,


Oh Marcus, how exciting, if not confusing (for me anyhow :? ) :?

Is the '58,' on the label of significance, is that the year of manufacture, the year of "Etoile d'Or" or maybe both? (Sorry for my seeming ignorance, I simply bought the set because it came with labels, was boxed, and was incredibly inexpensive.)
I know that I have never seen this label before, hence my impulse buy. Any glass that is attractive, and boxed or stickered is of interest to me, as I very rarely see glass with the original box included, let alone with stickers (unless purchased beforehand by a glass collector.) I know when I used to buy things, the first thing that I did was remove the stickers so that I could wash the item.

I am flattered that you remebered that it was I who posted the label. :P  You have an incredible memory.  :D  :D

I await, with baited breath for more news.

Even more embarrasing, for me anyhow :oops:  :oops: , what is "Etoile d'Or"??

Etoile d'or translates as gold star I think Della.  8)


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