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Author Topic: Mould Blown Cylinder Vase with 3 Abstract Nudes - Pukeberg Sweden or Other...?  (Read 744 times)

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Offline Greg.

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I purchased this off-the-cuff recently thinking it may be a Pukeberg piece by Uno Westerberg, although on reflection am now a little unsure. The piece is mould-blown and has three abstract nudes running around the exterior, the vase also has a symbol/mark to the base/underside.

The vase measures 8.75 inches/22cm tall. The rim diameter is 2.5 inches /6.5cm wide.

My original thoughts I think were based on the Uno Westerberg, Pukeberg vase shown in the link below. However, on close inspection there are clear differences in terms of both the size of the vase and also the depiction of the moulded abstract figures. Furthermore, my vase appears to be marked to the base/underside. So, in essence, I am now wondering if possibly this design is a variation to the Pukeberg piece shown in the link below or something completely different altogether..? All thoughts greatly appreciated.


Many thanks

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I think it may be a  Libbey LaFemme Nude Ladies Bar Glass/Vase. They have been around for years in a couple of forms. Ken

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Thanks Ken spot on.  :)

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Didn't we get te full story of these or something very similar on here some years ago... yes, here http://www.glassmessages.com/index.php/topic,8025.0.html but not complete story yet...
Frank A.
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