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Fake Flygsfors ????

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This particular seller out of Germany has 3 exampleas of which this is one.
All appear signed and dated 96, I was not aware that Orrefors had produced under the Flygsfors name, so have I missed something or are all of them fake.


I am revising my posting to say that they don't look right to me.  Not like any Flygsfors I've seen.  8)

The label looks ok.

and I found a reference to flysgfors processing recycled glassware.

Finally, there's an old Ebay item for "F Daniel Flysgfors" on google - the item's gone but as this auction doesn't mention F Daniels there's possibly another piece out there with the same sig.

My vote would be genuine


It's certainly interesting as they are so different from the traditional Flygsfors pieces and I could understand the company name being used on fakes, but why an invented signature as well. I've dropped an e mail to Orrefors and await any reply with interest.

Bill G:
Orrefors purchased Flygsfors and the factory continued to produce glass
lamp designs for a limited period using their designers.

They then closed the factory which was shut down until the 1990's when the factory shell was purchased by an  individual.

They then reopened the factory with a glass studio orientation. Behind the
old factory were piles of scrap glass with every color imaginable. The new
owner used these scrap colors as his glass mass and started to produce
simple, designs with the swirls of color. He defined a separate name for this glass which I have forgotten.

His goal was to make the site a tourist site but seems to lack the capital.

Your piece is not a fake but from this new operation at the Flygfors
glass works. The name is still on the side of the building.

Bill Geary


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