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Cut crystal trinket set with decorated enamelled panels - Karl Palda?


A high quality cut glass (most probably crystal) trinket set with etched black and faux ‘tortoiseshell’ geometric enamelled panels on each item. The black panels have stars, clouds and stylised sunburst design throughout. The tray measures approximately 12¼ inches  by 8¼ inches and stands 1 1 ¼ inches high. There are three large perfume bottles - one complete with stopper, one without, and the other a broken metal atomiser head. There is a large powder puff lidded dish, a trinket lidded dish, an open dish and a ring holder as well as a fine pair of candle sticks (6½ inches tall) - all matching. The complete set weighs a substantial 5.5kg.

None of the pieces are signed, but the vendor names the Karl Palda workshops in Bohemia as a likely manufacturer. From what I can gather,  Karl Palda obtained glass blanks executed to his designs from glass houses in the Novy Bor region of Bohemia (currently the Czech Republic) and then hand-finished them to very high standards (often decorating the pieces with coloured  enamels and etched decoration) in his own workshops.  Certainly, the wear on these items seems to indicate a 1930s date for the set rather than modern reproductions.

Does anyone have photos of Karl Palda trinket sets (attributed or just likely) to share for comparison, please?

(Permission for the re-use of these images on GMB granted by cellars-and-attics).

Two more photos of pieces from the set.


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