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Mueller Ladies

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I am very pleased to now have both versions of Mueller ladies... though I prefer the flapper  :)

Well done. Very strange heads/faces - when were they made?

The flapper lady has  Registered No. 749772 Foreign impressed on base. Which I found was (Imported by L.Cohen 4.11.1929) by Schweig, Müller & Co., I read somewhere that the head was changed  in keeping with fashions of the day so I suppose the amber form one came later...  all I need now is the bowls and or the lamps they stood in and on. :)

Yep that is all you need :D

John Smith:
.... There are many variants of this lady by Mueller. It seems also that each were used/applied for a variety of centrepieces & bowl types and/or stand-alone figurines. I have seven such ladies, all of which are Mueller and yet display slight different qualities: e.g. their heights & hair-forms and the glass frogs/bowls etc., in which they stand.


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