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Monart perfume atomiser shape NH

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very nice, yip thats another different fitting , same collar on the bottle though, so wonder if the fitting and bulb is a replacement as from what ive seen and been told most of the rubber in the bulbs perish, so could be a complete replacement or could be original, so you were the underbidder of this piece, what kinda of money did it make if you dont mind me asking
 heres a pic of the shape NH i have, and which i hope to find a fitting for .

I do not recall exactly how much it went for, but in was in between 200 & 300 as my budget was 250.
The link below is one that sold at the I Turner Monart collection. The one there seems to have the same top as Keith's one.

Just an after thought, and this is only a possibility, the company Krinks who made the metal bulb holding fittings for the pre war Monart lamps.
Below is a link to some info from some research that I have done on the company S Krinks of Birmingham.,44876.msg277129.html#msg277129

yeah kinda wondered about the folk that made the fittings but couldnt remember who made them, im sure the fittings will all be standard in the 30s, i shall just have to keep looking on ebay and auctions for an atonmiser with similar fittings, cheers anyway


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