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Monart perfume atomiser shape NH

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anyone else out there have a shape NH that could put pic up of the fitting and or throw any light on the maker of the fitting, Gary dont you have an atomiser NH in your collection, or have you came across anything about  them when youve been at the museum

Sorry Gary I don't have clue who made them, not come across any mention in the Monart archives that would indicate a maker.
I wish I had a NH in my collection, been looking to buy that shape for a few years now.

cheers Gary for reply, i have a shape NH in colour code 384, missing the screw in fitting, collar is on the bottle , sure they must have been a standard fitting of their day, just have to keep looking, i have seen three all with different fittings so wanted to know if they used several different ones over the production

This particular atomiser came up for sale a couple of years ago at my local auction house (I was the under bidder).
The top is a different shape that Keith posted.


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