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Chinese Reverse Painting Paperweights

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Otis Orlando:
Hi,  Just like to share this find today.  I have never owned a paperweight/scent bottle like this before and amazed on how they are painted.  I have seen them at fares and never really took any interest until now.  I have attached a link and past  GMB post that provides some interesting information and comments. Hope you like them.  ;),5050.0.html

I agree, they are delightful work. I have a couple lurking around too.

Otis Orlando:
Yes! it certainly is amazing how they able to carry out this intricate technique.  Some of the more complex ones, can take over a month to a year.   I just don't think the value of some of these really does justice, when you think of the time and effort that has gone into producing these by highly skilled craftsmen. 

Whilst researching for further information I came across this site:   For some reason I thought I was on the GMB Siter for a second.   :o .  I think I need an early night.  ;D

Gobsmacked to discover that the snuff bottles are carved out of solid blocks by hand  :o!

Otis Orlando:
Me too! Blocks of glass?  I have never heard of that before until now.  Safety is certainly not on their agenda either  :o.   Pittance paid for as stated before...........time, resources, effort and conditions.  All reasons to make me think that these are under valued quality pieces.  I could not believe how close that workman was to the grinder wheel.  One sneeze and he would not be able to reach for a tissue.  Mind you, having said that.  I don't recall even seeing a First Aid box anywhere.   When you think, this film was in the 80's.  It is certainly most shocking to think, people still work in these poor the 20th Century.   Anyway, thanks for your info.  It has most certainly opened my eyes :o and that aslo includes looking for more.  ;D 


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