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Chinese Reverse Painting Paperweights

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The base price of those finished bottles is currently $15+ so not really cheap by Chinese standards and these bottles are the ones used by the artists not the tourist level production. How they work is not much different to western engravers, water keeps the dust away and lubricates but that is not clear in pics... but then this more organised highly skilled craft production then factory style. Blown and moulded bottles are also made and used at the cheaper end.

The grinder wheels are coated with diamond abrasive and while they can give you a nasty abrasion they won't cut off your fingers if you slip.  Much more dangerous is the airborne water mist you can see so clearly in the early grinding.  This is filled with glass dust and will be deposited into the lungs of these unprotected workers.  As this glass is likely Chinese K9 crystal it is most probably a lead bearing glass and under these conditions lead poisoning would go along with silicosis.

Hi Otis
What is the diameter of the weight you have shown ?  I have several of these reverse painted weights in different sizes and I am attaching a picture of my miniatures as the two on each end are only 3.5cm diameter which makes it an even more incredible feat to paint them from the inside when they are this small

Otis Orlando:
It is just beyond me, how people can in this day and age still work under those conditions!  The importance with regards to safety as appose to the traditional methods still used even in a western country is what I was trying to say. 

--- Quote from: daveweight on November 18, 2012, 04:08:08 PM ---What is the diameter of the weight you have shown ?
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Wow!  I was unaware that they are as small as those shown.  It's truly amazing what the Chinese are capable of.   My paperweight measures approx. 7.3cm dia.     Very nice paperweights indeed you've got their Dave!  Did you get these as a job lot?

I got the two small ones as a job lot then found the mid sized one with the Panda later, this is 4.5cam diameter but I have another at 7cm and four largere ones at 10cm. I believe they make them bigger than this, although I have nevr seen any, but it is the small ones which fascinate me most


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