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A large and nice Murano Glass Bowl. But is it Dino Martens??? ID = Not Martens


I have found a very nice glass bowl and I am sure it is a Murano piece.
But I can not believe that it was designed (or made) by Dino Martens, because in the book of Marc Heiremans: Dino Martens / Liste del Opere 1922-1963 is not a similar piece.
Does anybody knows more about ?

Here an other  so-called  "Dino Martens Bowl" ! ???

Both of the bowls are Murano, but Dino Martens didn't have anything to do with them. According to Marc Heiremans, Martens didn't have do any of the "tutti frutti" designs that are sometimes attributed to him.

Hello Anita!
Thanks for your answer.
Very often there are indeed also glass paperweights on ebay, which are attributed to Dino Martens.
Do you know, if he ever designed which (would have then probably executed by Aldo Bon)?

As far as I know, Dino Martens never designed any paperweights. Some people use his name when trying to sell the half filigree style of paperweight -- why, I don't know. I guess just keyword spamming.


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