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Pedestal paperweight, two questions


Hello, I have got this weight and I have two questions.

- Could it be made late nineteenth century, early twentieth century?

- It seems to have gold paint remains in the pedestal, does anybody know if the
   pedestal of these type of weights was originally painted?

Best regards.


Hi Marc.

It could well be from that period - but I think some have been made since as well. It was a relatively standard design in the Belgium / Alsace / Czechoslovakia areas.  The rather bright frit and colours suggest to me a later, rather than earlier date.  I have not seen any that had gilded ornamentation on the foot, but it would not surprise me if some were decorated that way.  You can also find examples where the paperweight top is separate, and sits in a cup on the pedstal.


Hi Alan,
I appreciate your help a lot, many thanks.

I don't seem to see too many of these pedestal weight saround but this German auction house has some currently they seem to be suggesting 1920's for them.

Not sure if they are at all similar to yours though?


I have found this interesting thread about these weights on the message board,,45247.0.html

Best regards.


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