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ID Caithness moonbeam Master sample?


Hi All
I am very new to paperweight collecting. I wonder if you could cast your eye over the attached photo (if i manage to be able to attach it ?) I purchased it on eBay, It was described as a Caithness Moonbeam paperweight in Blue. Master Sample.
It is in pristine condition as has no scratches or wear to the base.
However it is not acid etched Caithness to base as I have seen on other paperweights. I know second were left unmarked, but to a novice's eye I cannot see anything wrong with it.

 The wording to the base has been finely Scratched in. In the centre it does say Caithness, then around the outer edge  it does say Moonbeam Blue and also Master Sample. I have googled the paperweight images and the paperweight is consistent with those images.

Did caithness mark master samples like this?

Fortunately if it is not as it should be, I did not pay a lot of money for it. And will enjoy it for what it is.

Over to you experts

Hi and welcome to the board

Caithness make many trials etc. before a weight goes into production. some of the engravings you will see on the base include mater sample - as your is, artist original, artists proof and sample.

These are invariably NOT acid etched and indeed may not have the facets cut. Only when a weight goes into production is it usually acid etched with the Caithness logo

Seconds are another topic and I am sure if you do a search on the board you will find full details. There are at least three ways that Caithness have used to indicate that a weight was a second and it can be a second for many reasons - fault in interpreting the design, wrong size, glass defects also sample weights not put into production were often sold in the shop as seconds. Hope this helps

Best regards


Hi Derek

Thank You for the Welcome and your reply, I have not found that information before, that the artist would mark their trial items before going into production. You learn something new every day.

Thanks again


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