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Please help glass vase : ID = WMF Ikora

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First the facts: Vase
Weight 1300 grams
Height 14.5 cm
Diameter 13 cm
On the surface ground floor very, very, very many scratches.
Base color: translucent blue. Various and different sized air pockets.
More color inclusions rather sieana brown.
There are no markers mark.
It is an old family piece, probably in the early 20th Century.
It has been said many times and always: Murano!
I did not think so. The glass work looks more like Orrefors, Strathearn or after Jean Claude Novaro.
Please check out the photos of and if you have a reference, I would be very grateful!

No pictures  :'(

Oh sorry!
I have forgotten the pictures.
Will do tomorrow! ;D ;D ;D

Here are the pictures!

........and one picture more.

I'm slowly getting older. :-[ :-\ :-[ :'( :) :)
I have to separate myself from many hire.
Who might be interested in this great glass work? ???


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