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Erwin Eisch Vase

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So mine is a factory piece. When you say factory, is it still a studio piece. It is of very irregular form especially the large flared rim. It was sold to me as Erwin Eisch so I am a bit annoyed. Still, it has pride of place and I like it.

See here for a piece that is not signed but has the factory label


Adam, please don´t be too disappointed...  :'(
I checked in Helmut Ricke ´New glass in Germany´ and the info I gave is from that book.
Signatures on Eisch glass are quite different: handwritten, etched and sand-blasted.
Some pieces from the Pfauenauge (peacock-feather) range e.g. are signed, some are not.
Those factory pieces with a more individuell character like your vase seem to have a
handwritten signature usually.
None of these pieces is (exactly) like the other, so you still have an unique Eisch piece.
And they are lovely!  :)

Fuhrman Glass:
I think Erwin is still living, I saw him within the last year or 2, and contact him and  see what he can tell you about it. Personally, judging from most of the stuff Erwin made, this looks more like a piece from his dad's factory.

flying free:
Tom, thanks for the info.  It has reminded me that I want to read more about Eisch Glass.  I've been hunting for a piece, but so far not found 'the one' :)

I have been reading a fair bit about Erwin Eisch and his factory, I feel this piece is well within the scope of being designed by Erwin. I see many peacock trailed iridescent pieces like mine by him on google. This is not fully signed by him but still bears his name and a mid 70s date. This has a slightly irregular form even for a vase.


"giving them the iridescence that one sees in Art Nouveau glass"

"Although many of Eisch's pieces of the 1960s and '70s was rooted in functional forms such as the vase, the bottle, the pitcher and the stein, the usefulness of these vessels was never Eisch's goal"



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