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Tall blue and mica two handled vase - ID = Made in China for Dale Tiffany

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The vase measures 26cm tall, the main body is mid blue with almost copper looking mica and a few light green streaks. The base has what looks like a pontil scar but not rough, do not think it is though.
Any possible ideas clever peeps?

This is one of the vases marketed by Dale Tiffany. I don't know much about Dale Tiffany or where the glass is made. This is one of their more common designs. I've always thought that it was attractive. How is the quality?

They are certainly pretty new and appear in many "antique" centres. The copper looking mica is aventurine, which is a special copper containing glass that is melted in a chips. The quality is quite good. The aventurine suggest China to me

Thanks all, you are all right!!

TxSilver - I have written to a company selling "Dale Tiffany" glass and they have confirmed for me that they are indeed made in China.

Lustrousstone - Yep, China and the quality is quite good.

The advertised prices for such pieces was a bit of an eye opener but to be fair, they are quite nice pieces.

Just had another look on the net and Amazon com have a large range of this glassware for sale, their equivalent do not seem to stock this maker at all for some reason.
I assume that they are/were predominantly made for the US market.


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