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Tall blue and mica two handled vase - ID = Made in China for Dale Tiffany

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I suspect they are marketed by someone else here. They are pretty common in the UK

Lustrous - I have done a search on ebay UK and there is much written about the maker/marketing Co "Dale Tiffany" within the results, from "high end glassblower based in California USA", "North American Glass Master Dale Tiffany"  to the vase being part of "Tiffany's Milano Favrile line".

Oh, and not to forget this one "Dale Tiffany, Inc., the world's foremost developer of fine art glass lighting and accessories"

I guess the selling jury is still very much in its infancy ;-)

I am even more confused now by this youtube video which implies, rightly or wrongly, the pieces are made in the USA by Dale Tiffany, Inc.- IMO

Assembling a stained glass lamp from bits of glass and metal is not the same as blowing a vase or creating the bits of coloured glass to make a lamp. A hobbyist could do it.


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