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Caithness Sea Hawk Paperweight? ID = Caithness "Eagle dome"

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Otis Orlando:
Browsing Ebay, I came across this paperweight:

An etched Osprey in flight.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmm  ::)   I knew I had one somewhere, and managed to find it.   On the base, reads CIIG and the initials DC CG.  Height approx. 9cm.  It would be interesting to know what the one currently live on Ebay sells for.   Currently there are two bidders and approx. 12 hours to go.  I have saved it in my watch list as a matter of interest only.  The description seems to be very brief and there in no dimensions or even a picture of the base.  I wonder if there are any markings to the base I wonder?  I think I might send an email .  ::)  I have not taken a picture of the base of mine yet, as I am not able to get a good quality picture of the markings.  Hopefully someone will be able to identify the initials as stated above.  Most of the CIIG paperweights I do own only have that marking, that is, CIIG.  This is the only paperweight that I have with initials inscribed too.  Does this signify that it may be practise piece before going into production?   Comments and I.D appreciated!

Not an Osprey, or a "Sea Hawk". This weight is "Eagle Dome".

Details in this page in Scotland's Glass website.

The "DC" initials are probably "DS", since the design was from the Caithness "Design Studio" team.

Correct: "Eagle Dome" - and the catalogue gives Caithness Design Studio as designer. However, at least in catalogues this is always abbreviated CDS - and I have never seen that on an actual paperweight.

I would assume DC to be Douglas Cowie - but then, neither have I ever seen a second marked with the engraver's initials. On the other hand, if classified a second at a rather late stage, it could have been initialled before.

Otis Orlando:
Hi, yes! it definitely is marked DC & CG.  I have attached a picture that will confirm this.  You may have difficulty in reading the DC, due to the discoloured air pocket within the paperweight.  Is it possible the the marking CG just mean CIIG and the DC as you have mentioned  as being Douglas Cowie I wonder?  Then again, I just can't understand why they would mark it twice.


--- Quote from: Otis Orlando on November 18, 2012, 02:41:08 AM ---Is it possible the the marking CG just mean CIIG .....?  Then again, I just can't understand why they would mark it twice.
--- End quote ---
CG will not "mean CIIG". CG means it's Caithness Glass, and CIIG means it's a second from Caithness Glass.

For the fact that we have both markings I can only think of one explanation (see above): the weight was finished and marked CG (Caithness Glass) and DC for the engraver (most likely Douglas Cowie) as usual ... and only after that (possibly due to the air pocket) it was decided to make it a second (marked CIIG).


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