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Caithness Sea Hawk Paperweight? ID = Caithness "Eagle dome"

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Hi Wuff

I would have thought that Caithness would normally have done the quality check on the weight
before the engraved it?? No point in spending the time engraving it if it is going to be rejected.

My copy of the sea eagle weight is simply marked "Caithness Scotland"

Best regards


The engraving dept might not have notice the blemish in the base (if that was the reason for second mark) and just signed after engraving. Is it copper wheel or sandblasted?

Another possibility is it was just marked to justify a lower price range if stock was low in the shop at the price range.

Otis Orlando:

--- Quote from: Wuff on November 18, 2012, 08:38:01 AM ---and only after that (possibly due to the air pocket) it was decided to make it a second (marked CIIG).

--- End quote ---

Yes! that does seem likely now you have mentioned it.  All the CIIG paperweights I do have, are not signed by an engraver.  This is what had me confused.

--- Quote from: Derek on November 18, 2012, 09:57:05 PM ---I would have thought that Caithness would normally have done the quality check on the weight
before the engraved it??
--- End quote ---

I would have thought so Derek, but as Wuff has mention does in my opinion seem the likely reason.  There are bound to be some that slip the net during the quality checking process, don't you think?

--- Quote from: Frank on November 18, 2012, 10:27:11 PM ---Is it copper wheel or sandblasted?

--- End quote ---

If you are referring to the Eagle Dome.  I would  definitely say, Sandblasted.  Bare in mined, I'm no expert on the subject matter, hence my reason for now looking up the difference in finished markings dependant on what tool was used.

Whilst carrying out this investigation based upon your query, I stumble across this on Youtube.  I would have thought the same method/principal would apply, don't you think.

I thought by showing this, would give a better pictorial view on the subject matter of sandblasting as appose to copper grinding, even though, yes! it is not a paperweight on this particular site.  ::)  Hopefully it will assist people like myself that don't have the required knowledge on the finish technical term when various tools are used .  :)

Here is one of the other sites viewed:

I have three versions of this pwt.  One has no markings at all on the base.  One has a clear DC - I assume Douglas Cowie was the engraver.  The last has "Caithness Scotland" engraved on the base plus a paper label witha sticker "Caithness Engraving".



Hi Ross.

I have one like yours with 'Caithness Scotland' engraved, and a paper sticker 'Caithness Engraving' - image attached.



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