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Perfume bottles on tray - ID = Walther Ilse


Just got these gorgeous peach glass perfume bottle and atomiser on a tray, I think by the size of the tray there might have once been a trinket pot as well. Any ideas on who might have made them please? I bought them as a job lot with a VLG peach glass vase pattern 979 so did wonder if they might be from the same manufacturer

I think I just found this pattern on Pamela's website it's by Walther  is called Ilse !  :D Can anyone confirm this please.

Yes, absolutely Walther Ilse, Angela: - see page 20 for the set image. :) May I use your photos on the GTS website please? I've not seen this set in reality before.

Yes of course you can Anne. thanks so much for your reply  ;D

Great set! Can we have Walther Ilse in the title please mods?


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