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Whitefriars bubble weights

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Completely new to this, I'm wondering how to identify genuine Whitefriar items.

I've seen some which have a large bubble as well as the smaller ones - and I think they're genuine.

But I've also seen some which don't appear to have the large bubble - and I'm wondering if they'r enot Whitefriars.

as far as i know it's only the ruby red ones that dont have the large bubble in the centre ..... anyone know why this is?

Ah... thanks.

It was a ruby one that I'd seen minus the large bubble. This suggests that it might be genuine then - or are there other manufacturers?

Ray Annenberg told me that there was an additional shift glassmakers could work as overtime and on one occasion Ron Wilkinson was working this shift and making these Ruby bubble weights - and at some speed to earn a bonus-  but Ron forgot to put the central bubble in and when he reaised this he told the other glassmakers of his error and from that point on they all left the central bubble out of ruby weights BUT those Ruby weights made before this incident did have a central bubble in.
Hope this clarifies things


Thanks, it does.

Since first posting, I'd searched and read that it was harder to do the big bubble on Ruby - but I've no idea whther that's true.


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