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Whitefriars bubble weights

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So, is a ruby weight with bubble worth more than one without?

To clarify this situation, ruby weights WITH a central bubble were made prior to Ron Wilkinson leaving the bubble out but I have only ever seen four of these. For years after Ron's ommission ruby weight were made WITHOUT a central bubble and if anyone sees Ray Annenberg I know he will confirm this

Not disputing the fact Dave that the information Ray gave that 'fatty' made the ones without the large bubbles for the reason you state but look at it logically and it doesn't make sense? Ruby, post war was one of the most popular colours so if it was that simple they should be loads of them around along with the rest of the colours complete with the central bubble and by your own admission there are not. I myself have probably only seen 3 or 4 compared to 100s in other colours over the years and by the same token have not seen many apart from ruby without the bubble.
To clarify there are very few ruby with the central bubble and very few other colours without so surely logic dictates there must be other reasons why so few are actually around do the maths and it doesn't make any sense one contradicts the other surely?
Loads of twilight examples with the central bubble but very few without
Loads of Ruby examples without the central but very few with.

There were two ruby-and big-bubble versions sold recently on Ebay - and at what seems a low price:

I bought what seems to be a darker one (no big bubble) - - it's so dark that you can barely see the bubbles even when held up to the light.

Hi, the darker ones were made with a ruby core as opposed to a flint core maybe earlier ones? not sure but maybe another reason why the larger bubble was omitted 'cause you can't see it anyway.
Did you buy one of the two.
Don't really keep up with Whitefriars sales now, though it is a good time to buy but dealing wise sadly died a death over the last 4 years. I can remember 5 years ago buying every piece of W/f that came up knowing it would sell, at one time I sold nothing else, now unless it's something special I don't even pick it up though the textured range and the millefiori weights still do well so too some of the rarer colours.


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