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IOWSG - New Bon Bon Licorice . Black Triangle label - is it an inside out vase?


I have always wanted an Inside out vase (intrigued by the name) but have never  handled one or seen one except in photos.
(I have just bought a Mdina one from a Board member though - it is on its way)

I bought this IOWSG vase from Germany a little while ago- my first piece of Liquorice  - and it seems from Mark Hills' book that this is probably an inside out vase from 1989/90.
Is that correct?  It is approx 8.25 cm high so the smaller of the two listed.

If so why are they called inside out vases??

It is lovely though - much better live than in photos.  ;D

Have just found a vase this shape on the IOWSG site in Humbug - described as "narrow-mouthed cylinder vase"

Is that different to an inside out vase - as they seem to be described in Mark Hill's book on  p 108 ?


This is the correct shape for an IoWSG "inside-out", yes. It's got a slightly raised rim compared to a Mdina one. I don't know if they changed the name of the shape, it's perfectly possible.
I've had a Seaward one (now John's) and John has a Tortoiseshell one - they're both this slight variation on the more bowling-ball shaped Mdina ones.
Even a bit of Liquorice is a pretty unusual thing - far less in such a scarce shape! Well done.  :o

Thanks Sue - I was rather pleased at getting a Liquorice piece myself  ;D. The unusual shape is a bonus.




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