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Uranium cased green core vase - Query Murano? Czech?


 I bought this a while ago from a collectors fair here in Western Australia.

It has a green core cased in clear glass - the clear glass glows brightly green under a blacklight - so Uranium?
It is 21cm tall, and 7.5 cm at its widest point. It is a flattened oval - with indented channels almost top to bottom on the widest sides. Rim is cut and polished and base is polished and flat with some age related scratches.

Does the use of uranium glass (if that is what it is)  mean it has some age? If so approx what age?  50's? 60's? perhaps

And any ideas on country of origin and /or maker would be appreciated.

No, not uranium. Heavy use of maganese for decolorising.

Oh ! Thanks Christine. Is that a thing that is still done? or does it help to date the vase in any way?


It probably puts it back into the 1950/60s. My guess would be Murano I think.

I have something very similar with a German label - Zwiesel  or Marsberger I seem to remember - but am not anywhere near my archives so unable to check.


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