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Are these Dancers Murano please?


I have lots of antique and vintage glass but I never really learned about Murano. The man figure stands almost 12" tall. I'm sorry for the poor picture but I couldn't find my other color backgrounds. Thanks you for any help.

I'm pretty certain they are Murrano... there are many experts here in GMB that have answered questions on this style of dancing couple and I believe Toffolo was one of the more well known makers. 
Lets hope someone comes along soon to have a look and help you.
Rosie.  :)

Yes, they are a Murano pair from the late 1950-early 1960s. I don't know who made them, but know they were imported into the US by Jordan Import Co (JICO). It looks like your male may have a break in the leaf around his feet. (I've always assumed it was a male, but wondered if it was a woman in pants. The shape is so feminine.)


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