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Arculus Miniature Paperweight or the rest of a shotglass???

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I recently bought a very small paperweight.
It was described as:
This is a rare miniature paperweight by Arculas c.1920 's-1930's with a beautiful range of cane colors. Approximately 50mm diameter by 30mm high (2 x 1 1/4 inches).
First question: is it Arculus 1920 - 1930?
OK. Arculus has made in the 1920s mini paperweights, as Robert G. Hall describes it.
Second question:
It could not be the base of a restored glass or a inkwell?
Any commends please!

Mod: The images below belong to Nick77 (see his comment later on) but he has kindly confirmed that they may remain in this thread.

Well you bought it from me and it's ID was confirmed on here :)

I think it's a miniature paperweight as opposed to the bottom of a shot glass. I have an Arculus paperweight (confirmed by Alan Thornton) that's the same two inch diameter as yours but just one inch in height. The bottom has the same concave shape that yours does. I also have a few shot glasses, and the millefiori bottoms measure exactly one inch in diameter by 1/2 inch in height.

I can't copy and paste the link but if you search for "another unknown English" you'll find my original thread. I had pretty much matched it to the one in Robert Hall's book but posted here and it was confirmed by Alan (Tropdevin) too.

If I was ever unsure of an ID I would say so when I listed it on eBay.


Ps. Might have been nice if you asked before using my images here.

Friends of mine who collect glass also visited me and expressed their doubts about the paperweight.
This was the reason for my inquiry in the GMB.
And when it's ID was confirmed on here
there is no reason for further discussion.
PS to Nick 77: Its nice to business with you! ;D


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