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Crystal Candle Holder Info. & I.D Request

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Otis Orlando:
Hi, thanks for the pics!   Paying attention to detail, I would not say they are identical though and I am finding it hard to find similarities.   Hopefully, someone on the GMB board will be able to verify this as I am no expert.  Is your candle holder, hollow all the way through and are there any visible joins as chritine has mentioned?  The base hole on mine is very sharp around the edges.  I have also noticed on the base a very small finger nail notch about 1.4cm away from the hole measuring 0.4cm in length, slightly curved and indented.  I know that on some of the murano pieces, you will find this type of a mark, but usually larger, but I have never known murano to put an embossed mark to their glass.


--- Quote from: iCollect on November 25, 2012, 09:32:13 AM ---Here's some photo's of my Green Candle holder, it glows VERY strongly under UV light. It measures 22cm tall.

--- End quote ---

Just tidying and came across this one. iCollect's candlestick is Reich, Viktoria pattern. See here for more on the set:


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