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Crystal Candle Holder Info. & I.D Request

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It is extremely unlikely that only one was made. All I was trying to say is that stuff gets thrown away when people tire or have no further use for it, so if only a few hundred were made you might never see another. I have many glass productions items that I have only ever seen one of

Otis Orlando:
Hence why I said 'probably' and yes I quite agree, a lot does get thrown out.  I can only assume,  someone is rifling through the skip.  ;D  It still would be nice to know who made it though. Any ideas?

--- Quote from: Lustrousstone on November 20, 2012, 07:37:10 AM --- the pattern looks vaguely familiar.
--- End quote ---

Oh! was the additional picture to your requirments?

Yes but I don't have an answer.

Otis Orlando:
Thanks for you info. so far.    This has been of great help.   Hopefully perseverance will achieve my aim to find out more about this candle.  Cost is irrelevant, it is just so unusual compared to other candle holder I currently have collected.

Is pillar solid or hollow? If solid, no reason it could not be moulded.


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