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Brockwitz Pressed Glass Vanity Unit - ID = Chinapressung, pattern 42000

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Your pic is much too small for us to see it. You need to make it about 700 pixels along its longest side and then the board will make the smaller thumbnail for you and we can see the details. If you're having trouble resizing pics to fit the board do feel free to send me copies by email and I'll sort and add them for you. glass @ will reach me - close the spaces round the @ first though!

The colours I give are taken from the catalogue produced by Brockwitz, so are known colours. If you have them in clear too then that adds more to what we know. :)

Emailed them on Wednseday Anne - hope you got them ok?

Hi Jill, yes have just picked them up today.  Here they are for you:

May I also add them to the GTS website for reference please? Full credit for the pics would be given of course.

And I missed that Pamela above, who has access to lots of catalogues too, says that clear is a colour option, but as she's not seen one before they may have been less popular than the coloured versions?

Hi Anne

Many thanks for sorting the pics for me and yes of course you may add them to the GTS website.  Thanks Pamela for more information, I wonder has anyone else out there got a white one to share ?  I'm Going to get an idea of its value today as I have no idea - has anyone?


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