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Dumbfounded: reversible compote - American Brilliant

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I swear, eBay never ceases to amaze me.  I bought this nice reversible compote for $22.50 and just sold it on eBay for $237.50 u.s. dollars.  That's CRAZY.  I black-lighted it and it's definitely not American Brilliant, so I listed it in Vintage Cut Glass on eBay.  Now, I'm curious as to why it would sell for such a high price.  Not that I'm complaining, I just love it when I buy something low and sell for an insane amount.  Any ideas???


1) Top notch photography alwatys helps on Ebay
2) It may not be "Brilliant" but seems to have some age. I note that a tendril was very neatly cut to "hide" a small bubble. Apparently that's what they did back then.....I'm not expert enough to say when but would hazard as early as late colonial (early Victorian) - just a guess.
3) It could be my imaginagtion but I think I detect a faint blue-gray tint which would also fit in with that age.
3) The cutting is very detailed and beautifully done. A quality piece.

It did have the feel of a quality piece, but I would of never guessed it selling for that amount.  The blank indeed was a blue-ish gray, like Tuthill glass.  I also thought the lapidary cut ball was a indication of another manufacturer but couldn't find anything in my catalogs.  It was also a very heavy piece, 3 pounds of glass for only being 10-inches tall.


Nancy your piece certainly has characteristics of Tuthill. I do have a question about the use of a blacklight. I have handled a lot of Brilliant period cut glass and when I shine my black light on it, nothing happens. What am I missing, exactly what is suppose to be the result from shining a black light on it. Hope you don't think this is too dumb of a question, Terry

That's not a dumb question at all.  In fact, up until a few weeks ago I still had not perfected the black-lighting process.  But here's what I did.  Remember when you could buy the florescent lights that you could stick on the bottom of your kitchen cabinets?  I'm not sure if you can still get them, but I would try Walmart, they seem to have everything.  But the light had a regular white florescent tube, so I just exchanged the tube for a black light florescent tube that I purchased at Home Depot.  The key is total darkness.  If you don't have total darkness, ABP will floresce purple.  If it's an authentic piece of ABP it will turn green like vasaline glass.  I also found that EAPG and Flint glass will turn green too.  It helps to identify whether or not you have purchased a fake.  Here's a couple of pictures, the 2nd picture is not the best because I was not in my laundry room which is total darkness, but you can see a little bit of the green on the rim in this light, which is still getting the afternoon sun even with the blinds closed.  I find that a black light bulb doesn't work it has to be a tube.



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