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Can anybody help identify this piece of glass for me please?

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At least I think it's glass.  I picked this up with some other pieces as part of a job lot in South West England.  Not really my cup of tea otherwise.  I'm sure that I've seen it before somewhere but can't seem to track it down.  Any pointers would be much appreciated although I would think "once seen, never forgotten"  or maybe "once seen, best forgotton" probably applies.  It stands about 9 inches (22 cm) high and is hollow, so almost certainly intended as a vase.

Paul S.:
nope, not a clue Neil........looks as though it's trying to copy one of those Tiffany nouveau pieces from the Grover's book.    I've seen that flecked look before but don't remember where  -  has it been acid bathed to get that effect do you think.

Hi Paul, thank for replying.  I don't think it's been acid bathed.  The "flecks" go right through the glass which appears to be cased - clear glass over whatever lies underneath to give it that flecked look.  I know what you mean about the Tiffany option.  I'll try to look at their contemporaries.   I just thought that it was such a unique looking piece that somebody on this forum would recognise it.


flying free:
i think it's Romanian possibly by Ioan Nemtoi?
I'll have a quick scout and see if I can find a more definite name to investigate.

Wild handles, are they glass? The body has been acid etched and I would have thought factory rather than studio piece.


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