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Can anybody help identify this piece of glass for me please?

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Ioan Nemtoi did use this sort of metalwork sometimes, M - but this is not his work!  ;D
I'd agree, though, that Romania is a good place to start for this bit.

Hi Sue, thanks for that.  I'm focusing in on Anca Florea Podaru at the moment as her work seems most like the vase I have.  I'll report back if I find the source.  Thanks once again for those who have taken time out to help and pointed me in the direction of our Romanian friends.


Hi, just to update you that "artgalleryinabox" who deal with Romanian glass artists in the USA believe it is made by Dan Bancila.   I'll keep on it but kudos and thanks to flyingfree for the direction.


I assume you saw his blog, at the very back of his stand here has a couple of similar pieces... but way more colour happy  than yours. gives his email on the blog too.

Great!  Thanks very much.  I've emailed him and hope for a positive reply.



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