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Can anybody help identify this piece of glass for me please?

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But Anca might be worth contacting too as your piece is decorated in the same way as she does.

Most of her work has the edges of the rim covered by metal so I could not tell if she left the top edge of the glass undecorated like yours... finally found an example that confirms that she does. Not many do it that way.

Hi, yes, I'm following through on Anca as well as I said earlier.  I'm learning a lot about Romanian glass in the process.  Some interesting stuff being made there. 

More from Mirela at Artgalleryinabox:

"I used to purchase from Bancila for my gallery and I had a piece just like this one, thus I am sure it's his. It has no name, as far as I know, I used to name them for the gallery, for inventory purposes, and I called this line of vases Bucharest, but Dan did not name this vases, he named his collector's pieces crafted out of with crystal and bronze."

So it looks like we have a winner.  I'm still waiting on replies to my emails to Dan Bancila and Anca.

Thanks to everybody who helped.


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