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Can anybody help identify this piece of glass for me please?

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Hi, I think the handles are a form of alloy.  Thanks for the lead to Ioan Nemtoi, not a name I'm familiar with.  I'll see what I can track down.


flying free:
Actually I may be wrong with that name and perhaps instead Dan Bancila or similar

Yup, I can see the Dan Bancila possibility.  Romanian then, you think?  Did he have many acolytes?

flying free:
I had the wrong Ioan -  Ioan Tubi Vadan is who I was thinking of
link to another piece here by him,33916.msg183398.html#msg183398
But is yours signed?
I think it's possible more than one maker might have made your vase but I do think it's most likely come from Romania

I think that Dan Bancila might be closer to it as he worked with fused metal and glass a lot.  Unfortunately the piece is not signed and I believe mostof Bancila's work was signed.  I got the piece in a job lot of high quality art glass - Whitefriars, Karlin Rushbrooke, Sanders and Wallace etc. - so I'm thinking it might be interesting to find out who made it.  Thanks for all your help to date.


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