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Swedish celebrity? cheeses and symbols


Getting nowhere with tracking the couple in the centre of this dish. Very Abba(ish) 70s style...

It is 1986 or earlier and has several mostly Swedish cheeses named... are the flowers Swedish symbols too?

The dish was made in Czechoslovakia but that is probably irrelevant to the subject matter, any ideas?

Daniel S:
what's pop in my mind is Svenne and Lotta

But i'm most uncertain.

Did not see those on my hunts so thanks... do you agree they have a pop star look?

but looking at 70s pics she had afro hair in all the pics... I did find a Polish website for Abbas one and only Polish tour, seems this couple were maybe on that tour to. Perhaps another tour in Czechoslovakia... and maybe a Swedish cheese promotion ran at the same time... oh dear grasping at straws...


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