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Trinket set with geometric hexagonal pieces, all heavily ridged – ID, please?


Currently on ebay at

An unusual  pressed glass trinket set in uranium green.

•   Hexagonal tray (a rectangle with opposite corners cropped). 11 inches long. Base decorated with a crosswise heavily-ridged panel flanked by panels heavily ridged at right angles to it. Straight sides decorated alternately with horizontal and vertical ridges.

•   Pair of candlesticks with hexagonal bases (sides decorated alternately with horizontal and vertical ridges). Vertically ridged stems and sconces. 6 ½ inches tall.

•   A hexagonal small lidded trinket dish, the body decorated to match the tray; rectangular lid finial with horizontal ridges.  A matching larger trinket dish (presumably lacking lid).

•   Matching hexagonal ringholder.

ID’s or suggestions, please?
Has anyone else seen one like it, perhaps in a different colour, and maybe has photos to share?

(I have the permission of the ebay seller to post several photos of this set on GMB following the end of the auction, so at least there will be a permanent reference here).

Photos of set for permanent reference, as promised.

(Permission for the re-use of these images on GMB granted by eilbail).

Now a set in a pretty blue colour (and showing two small lidded pots + I large lidded pot).

(Permission for the re-use of this image on GMB granted by Roz Clarke).

Still no IDs?



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