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Glass Vase with Signature/markings - ID = John Macdonald engraving for Caithness Glass

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If it is neodymium (also called alexandrite) the colours will show the other way around, lilac in daylight and incandescent light, blue under a fluorescent light source.



--- Quote from: chopin-liszt on November 20, 2012, 05:19:47 PM ---I still think the vase in question is neodymium rather than amethyst...
--- End quote ---
This is not a contradiction: "Amethyst" is the name given to the colour by Caithness (and others?) to a 1% Neodymium Oxide glass.
As I wanted to be quite sure before making such a statement here, I had asked Alastair MacIntosh for confirmation - hence the delay in response.

Thank-you, Wuff! That's my "thing" learned for today.  :)

Helen MacDonald tells me:
--- Quote ---This is a classic Caithness bud vase with a Dog Rose design. The base says JM (John MacDonald) CG, 1976.
--- End quote ---

Thank you all very much for your help :) I never thought I would find out so much info about this pretty little thing.


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