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smoked glass cameo tankard - ID = Dartington

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This is a well made smoked glass tankard. Heavy glass with a round pontil on base. There is an attached cameo on the front with what looks like deer/or a rose maybe as it is not too clear. It looks like 1970's glass and I wondered if it could be Wedgwood and if not Scandanavian. Very heavy base. Strange design! Anybody have any ideas please?

Dartington could be worth looking into.

I second your suggestion, Greg.  :)

Paul S.:
under the heading of 'Rarer Pieces' - page 159 of Linda and Stuart Smithson's book, this does look very much like FT1.    A tankard made in midnight for the period 1967/8 and 1969 only.     Someone else confirm please. :)

This is the commemorative FT1 tankard for 1969, same book (p146) describes it as the Dartington Hall Seal (rose design with hart lying in middle).

They produced this tankard with a different design on it each year.



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