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Frosted Vase Marked France and with a F = Espaivet

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Opalescent Frosted Vase Marked France and with a F and I think two other letters a W and a T. Does anyone know what maker this could be? The France is in capitals and impressed the other letters are impressed. The vase is 5.25 inches high.

Hello and welcome!

It's not an 'F', but an 'E' for 'Espaivet'.

I know because I've owned examples with a clear mark. Not sure who Espaivet were though, but rumour has it the name came from the pronunciation of the initials 'SPV'.

btw. your vase looks like plain frosted glass to me, not opalescent.

I like to see a picture of the mark, does not sound like any of the Espaivet marks which was Societe Parisienne de Verrreries. Though I am sure Steven is right.

Thanks for all your help once I had a lead from Steve I could make out the mark and I am totally happy it is made by Espaivet. I realise it not opalescent but frosted thanks for all the help.

I would still like to see a pic please.

Interestingly the present SPV company (bottles/containers) was established in 1957, so possibly just a new registration of a company that had been liquidated to benefit from whatever reputation the earlier company had.


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