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I am new on here and I was wondering if anyone could help me to identify 2 pieces of glass I have recently acquired? There is a large purple free form piece and a smaller one. I was told they were mid 20th century and from Italy. Only one DSLR takes photos that are to big to attach to this post so I would have to send them by email (if anyone is willing). Any help would be greatly appreciated.


What sort of photo manager (if any) do you have on your computer? If none then I'd recommend downloading Picasa (it's free, just google Picasa) and then you can resize your photos.

Thanks I think this is it? If it works

Hi and welcome to the board. Your link's not working I'm afraid.  You might have more success using the online resizer here: - set the dimension boxes both to 700 and leave the quality at normal and it should create you an image that will fit the board's limits. Would you also please post your items separately, one per topic, with pics and dimensions for each so we can look at them separately and not get muddled up. Thanks.

PS Shout if you need help with pics and can't manage the online resizer. :)

Thanks for the advice! Here are the two pieces separately. The one that is all purple is quite large and heavy compared to the other.


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