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I have a small ruby colored glass tumbler that has a 24K gold border at the top and gold drizzles all around the exterior of the glass that are raised above the glass.  It has been passed down from my great grandmother and my mother told me it was Ancient Murano and was priceless.  I am trying to find out what type of glass it truly is and if her statement is even some what true.  Does anyone have any knowledge of a glass like this?  I can post pictures if needed.

Thank you!

Hi Shawna, you'll definitely need pictures for somebody to be able to assist.  Try to keep your pictures to the size allowed ) max. size 125 KB per image) .  I'm sure somebody on the site will have the knowledge to help identify the glass.

Thank you Neil,  I will post pictures next week as soon as I can get them.  The glass is locked in a safe at my brothers house!

here is a picture

here is another view of the glass


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