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Podbira brothers vase



I bought this Podebera brothers vase and researching it, I have found they were trading circa 1880's through to the time of the Second World War (after the end of which, a surviving very elderly Podbira brother was sadly murdered). This style of vase is I think suggested as possibly 1930's by Langhamer in his Legend of Bohemian Glass. the books I have seem limited on this subject. Does anyone have confirmation of dates or references to examples of other pieces in catalogues or books by this firm please? The style of the vase seems to me equally perhaps 20's and I would like to see what other produce they almost certainly made, perhaps circa 1900? If anyone has any information I would be very interested to know about it...........

Robert (bOBA)

Anik kindly sent me the link to this Podbira brothers catalogue, as digitised by Corning:

Further reseaches may not be easily swiftly possible with Corning, my last enquiry took four months or more to get a reply and even then it was not very useful.

thanks Anik!

Robert (bOBA)

All I can add is established 1885.

Thanks Frank, I will keep looking........

Robert (bOBA)


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