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Uranium Pear Basket bowl /Portieux cabbage

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Having obtained another uranium pear basket I am selling the one I have with epns rim also a Portieux cabbage which has a little damage on the lid  and other pieces of glass by Walther etc. see listing

What's on the base of the frog? It looks like a Davidson one with a stray label

No definitely not Davidson it  says Made in France on the base and a number 4 and there is a extra large hole in the centre with graduated holes around  :)

Interesting; it looks like it was made by Davidson's patented method, may be it was. It creates a sort of run into the holes look from the top
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I see what you mean they are very similar but I just found my Davidson no 4 frog and notice immediately the French one  doesn't have holes all the way through it would therefore have to be filled with water from the top and wouldn't be placed in a bowl of water as with the Davidson one, the base of the Davidson one is also concave to allow water to circulate under it. The French one only holds the amount of water in each individual pocket and the base is flat apart from tiny feet, the centre hole is much larger the second tier are the same on both frogs and the third tier of the French one is much smaller. :)


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