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Wedgwood Candlestick

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Wedgwood candlestick 8" high in original box with code SG 15/2 - bought cheaply and was pleasantly surprised to get the box as well.

Lovely Adam - I love these for their simple elegance.

I have several pairs of these in different sizes and colours - (I only do candlesticks in pairs)  Some of mine are boxed like yours , however some are in original Wedgewood round tubes - a bit like a post pak tube. I wonder which are the earlier of the two types of packaging?


By the way -  the style is Brancaster

I am always impressed by these Brancasters, the stems are hollow and feel so fragile that I wonder how they have survived. They must be more durable than I imagine as I have yet to actually break one....


Paul S.:
nice candle holder Adam, lucky to get the box as well  -  at 8" yours is the middle of the three sizes produced.         Although they're not hollow stems, the Sandringham range with their drawn stems are even thinner.    Great range to collect, and it seems natural to think of these things in pairs, on dressing tables or similar.         Hope Adam doesn't object too much to my pic - all Wedgwood, and RSW designs except the 'Arthur' holder.        Not all of these sticks/holders are marked, but don't think they'd get mistaken for anything else.

Although I've just looked through Susan Tobin's book, I can't see why some of these pieces have alternative codes, such as this Brancaster holder for example, which seems to be RSW15/2 and SG15/2.              Anyone know what the extra code means. :)


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