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Bowl with gilded & silvered insects,applied fish feet,ruby glass eyes

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flying free:
described as chips on all fish and on bottom of fish .  Pics were v difficult to view clearly but it looked pretty.
When it arrived I immediately realised the 'chips on the bottom of all the fish' actually were enormous great big chunks out of the bottom 1cm of every fish i.e. their tails that the bowl should stand on, was missing. The bowl rests now on the ribbed base and polished pontil mark of the bowl.
Anyway, here it is.  Apparently Moser according to sellers listing.

I can't find a match for the insects (of course  ::) )  There is a pic in Gulliver's Victorian Decorative Glass page 171 of a bowl I think is by the same maker but no id for it - different gilding as it is gold flowers on that one and they look to have that raised surround and then infilled, and the fish don't seem to have the enamel mouths on that one.  Otherwise seems to be the same maker.
It's approx 3 3/4" diameter, square, ribbed, 12 ribs same as the one in Gulliver's.  The fish have orangish enamelled lines around their mouths and are gilded with inset ruby glass eyes.  Pretty but would have been prettier with feet.
Does anyone have a match to the butterflies and bee please?

That's some bowl :o,with or without feet,I'll look through my books but I think I'd have remembered something like that,another great find. ;D ;D

flying free:
thanks :) yes it's really pretty - or would have been.  I can live with the chips on the fins, but the missing feet is not a great look  >:(
and paid a lot for it as well.  Fingers burnt on this one.

I had a bowl very much like yours. The pictures may make you feel better about your bowl. I think they are fairly old. When I bought the bowl I thought it was probably Murano. However, I changed my mind after doing some research. I believe the bowl is Bohemian (maybe Harrach) or made by an old English company -- I forget which now. Your bowl makes me favor Harrach or a similar company.

Hi M,

I think your piece is English, I've seen similar pieces attributed to Webb; however, Walsh Walsh is also a strong possibility.

An 1883 advert of theirs reproduced in Barbara Morris's Victorian Table Glass & Ornaments shows pieces with the same three-sided form and with very similar applied fish.

See here for a thread on a similar item:,37302.msg204164.html#msg204164

Steven  :)


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