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Bowl with gilded & silvered insects,applied fish feet,ruby glass eyes

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I would pretty much write off any information in the Manley book. it's really really not accurate. Some things are correct many more things aren't. It's a mine field.

I would go with either Webb or Harrach for these. There is strong evidence for both of those companies.

and again you really can't identify glass based on style of decoration alone. it's very unreliable.

It's utterly fabulous and glorious and gorgeous!
Have you asked for a rebate, based on the inaccurate description and not-exactly-honestly representative images?
You should make it clear that you (and by inference, everybody else) would not have bid so high if the true nature of the damage had been honestly described.
I really dislike this sort of sneakiness in a seller. You may not get too far, given it seems dishonesty is already present.  :'(
But it's worth giving it a go.  >:(

flying free:
 thanks Sue :)
I bought it quite a few months ago now and did send an email to the seller telling them I was less than pleased with the severity of the damage.
Azelismia, I don't have Manley's book so I can't comment.  Whilst I know there have been misattributions come to light regarding information in the book, I think it has to be balanced with the fact the book was written so many years ago. The internet has become much more widely accessible and information that was never previously known about has come to light in the meantime.  I'm sure there are many things that are correct in the book as well, so it's probably one that should be on my shelf really, although it's always wise to double check information anyway unless it comes from an identified and referenced pattern.

Thanks for your thoughts on Webb or Harrach.  What is the evidence for these companies? 
The one at the Dudley Museum website is id'd as Richardson so I will try and look further into that source as well as Steven's reference of Walsh Walsh.


flying free:
Sorry, I phrased that badly :)
I meant to ask if you have a reference for those please?

flying free:
I happened upon this lovely piece of glass today, identified as a 'Thomas Webb animal ewer'.  It's the third item down if you scroll down -

What struck me was the red enamel around the mouth and on the claws on it's feet, very similar to the enamel around the mouths of each of the fish on my bowl.


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