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Bowl with gilded & silvered insects,applied fish feet,ruby glass eyes

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flying free:
For further comparison to the 'Thomas Webb animal ewer' I linked to above, in Gulliver's Victorian Decorative Glass page 271 there are registered design drawings and references for Thomas Webb.  Top left of the page is a Bird shaped ewer or jug rd no 337071 July 10 1879.  It has designs of enamelling on it and appears to be to be very similar to the 'animal ewer', especially having the scales decoration on it.  It also has a 'starfish' style design on the wing which reminds me sort of the eye of the ewer and the circular motif on the body.  The eye of the bird is also very decorative like the eye of the ewer.

In addition I've found another id'd Thomas Webb small vase in Gulliver's page 168 under the heading Stylised fish/reptile motifs.  It has an enamelled butterfly on it and flowers all in raised colourful enamels outlined in gilt rd no 390104.  It seems to be a simpler version of the enamelling on the ewer and also has the applied 'fish' or what he calls seals, as it's three feet.


flying free:

?? Really? I'm afraid I don't believe this.
Can anyone show evidence for this please?
Many thanks

This was posted on Facebook too and I was dubious, though I didn't comment. The attributions of a certain South West museum are not the best.

I have noticed that too, more of a commercial operation than a museum.


There is a similar one of these in a museum exhibit at Broad field House, i saw today, same fish, same size, but no decoration. the description said "Hodgetts Richardson and Son 1878"


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