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Bowl with gilded & silvered insects,applied fish feet,ruby glass eyes

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flying free:
Hi all, sorry for the delay in replying but I was trying to get some time to check out the possibles  :)
Anita, Steven, you make me feel better about my fish feet  ;D   I suppose whilst I do buy damaged glass, this was just not what I was expecting.. you know how it is, small chips turn into great big chunks and it's disappointing.  I do have the odd very old piece that isn't damaged, one in particular a Stuart vase with applied raspberries and trails etc  and I guess I compare everything to that.

Steven, I had another look at the Gulliver's book and thanks for the further reference and links :)  Mine isn't triangular but square, I can definitely see the similarity between the Walsh fish and the other pieces though.  However mine also is enamelled in madder red around the mouth of the fish, which none of them in the book are irritatingly.  Anita, my instinct was English on this one, mainly because of the flat gilding/enamelling, but I will broaden my search again to look at English and Bohemian makers.

Thank you all for your suggestions and help - much appreciated.

flying free:
Anita it seems you maybe right.
A very similar bowl here identified as Harrach
This one is triangular with the red eyes that look to be the same as mine and the applied fish with the mouths in a similar position to mine, all gilded, as well as butterflies.   
I hate to keep questioning previous research and id's but Steven what do you think as to the triangular ones maybe being Harrach not Walsh ?  or is that Walsh id a definitive id please?  or perhaps it's just a coincidence they are so similar?

On the other hand, I've gone back to the thread you linked to, to the original post here below, and I knew I had seen somewhere fish with enamelled mouths like the ones on my vase and this one I think has enamel around the  mouth - it seems to be the only one where the fish have that.,37302.msg204119.html#msg204119

grrr, it's irritating when something that should be so distinctive, appears to possibly come from so many sources.

and thanks every one for your help :)

m, I ran into the same problems when trying to ID my white bowl. My last result was "probably Bohemian or English." That was the limit of my uncertain certainty.

flying free:
oh thanks Anita though as seeing all the different examples is quite wonderful I have to say.
 It's a minefield out there
The one on another thread on here,  that has the same applied red eyes as mine and the enamelling around the mouth, but is different in that it has two feet each side of the bowl and  two 'lizards' rather than fish at the ends of the bowl (bowl is oval) and is coloured glass over silver leaf on the body, seems to have been id'd as Stevens and Williams on page 61 of Manley's Decorative Victorian Glass according to this,37302.msg204119.html#msg204119

those eyes and the enamelling round the mouth are very similar if not exactly the same as on my bowl, so I query now whether I should be investigating STevens and Williams for the maker.

flying free:
this one is square, described as white opalescent, has a trailed amber glass rim and four amber glass lizards like mine at each corner, no trailed red mouth to them, height 9.7cm diameter 13.1cm
identified as  by Richardson  c 1885


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