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Turquoise 15X7 Glass Vase Gilt Insects

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Frank--I read, earlier,  your words but failed to acknowledge their addition.

Your ''lidded bowl'' is, once again, a vase and stands on three amber glass feet. The ''mend'' was facilitated by a temporary repair which could be reversed--and will be if I'm not around to field the vase as it falls from a shelf during the next earthquake.

I believe this vase was produced prior to 1895(date of family photo)

Those numerals in black=specific to a particular manufacturer or decorator?

The insects: each features four antennae: either the artist tarted up a honey bee or a wasp( also, pollinators)--or the insects are fantasy winged things + stylized bunches of grapes with leaves and trailing tendrils. There was a discussion of gilt bees (?) at GMB but darn if I can find it once again.

Larger green glass leaves with gilt  + fruit and blossoms(cherry?) on an amber gnarled branch. The hanging fruit is a persimmon color--but persimmons grow on trees.

Method to reattach pieces: a thin layer of earthquake adhesive putty tape applied to the margins. Wonderful stuff: stretches like taffy and holds that new form/shape;  temporary but stable repair. Margins are visible so it's not perfect but neither am I.   

The answer is?  Decorated by Moser; glass maker unknown?

I'm off to pull tight the chin strap of my pith helmet and hide under my desk. It's possible there's an incoming grenade with my name on it, heading in this direction for committing such heresy.  While I realize that my el cheapo method is the polar opposite of what should have been done, it is equally true that the vase stands safely and my pocketbook was protected from a direct hit had I opted for a professional restoration. I rest my case.

Can you see what colour is used under the raised gilt? I think this is more likely Harrach made and decorated than Moser, IMHO

Apologies for being tardy with photos. The barometer sometimes fights with my back *ugh* which entails long walks compared to being seated at a keyboard.  Better now.

The vase's feet are amber with gilt. The rim is amber with gilt. The interior folds of the ruffled top carry a swipe/line of gilt.

The leaves are red-and-green AND green AND  red.  The gnarled branch mirrors the color scheme and is red and flows into green.

The large white (cherry) blossoms are decorated on the backside of their petals and there is a waffle/raised pattern to the petals' glass(I failed to add that).

The cherries not only are ''shaded'' with gilt lines but also their 'bottoms'' are finished with a dot of gilt.  Someone spent a lot of time executing the decoration.

A Fall theme which is (if you enjoy black humor) synchronous since fall the vase did--with a crash.

Harrach glass/decorated by Moser is our decision?



MissPrints - you are so right - things are in many ways just things but here - thank you so much for your wonderful story up there that, for me, makes this bit of glass so much more interesting. Nice thing though  :)


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